About us

The Gilded Archive is a small workshop that aspires to build leather goods for all TTRPG adventurers out there. All designs are drawn, tested, engraved and painted with the same idea in mind; to create cool treasures and have plenty of ways for tabletop players to customize their items.

The Curator

Noor van Houtum - Illustrator and leathercrafter Noor designs, tests and builds all sorts of leather treasures for her collection that she calls 'the Gilded Archive'. From her workshop in the Netherlands she works hard to improve her designs and come up with new ways to customize her items for adventurers all over the world.

The Brains

Luuk van Houtum - modular terrain designer and husband of the Curator Luuk works out the mathematics of the Gilded Archive when Noor fails to do so. The core functions of the webshop and the planning of the conventions are mostly worked out by him. You can find him and his magnetic TTRPG terrain in the Silver Raven Market shop at conventions and on www.leftygames.nl.