Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request a custom design?
    Not yet. Due to the enormous amount of work (thanks to the success of the Gilded Archive) I am currently very busy with building orders, finishing planned designs and preparing for conventions. I hope to open that option again soon!

  • Can I request custom colors?
    Yes you can! Some leather colors like red and deep blue are more difficult to get a darker engraving out of, but I do try my best to find them. You can always email me to ask.

  • Can I request custom sizes for other books?
    That option is coming soon!

  • Is your leather cruelty free?
    All my leather materials are real and therefore, I feel like there is no real cruelty free option. But I do use 'left over' leather; hides that have been cut by larger crafters and cast aside. Also, I use every last bit of it. My hope is to become as waste-free as possible.

  • Do you have any options for vegan leather?
    I am working on it! Vegan leather comes in many varieties. Polyester versions are out of the question because I'd rather keep plastic out of my workshop, and new versions such as mushroom leather are a too new and expensive for me to experiment on. Recycled leather would be a good option, but the textures of the new versions are very smooth and extremely dull. The texture of real leather is part of its charm for most fantasy TTRPG's and I find it difficult to leave that behind.

  • Can you come to a convention near me?
    Since I live and work in the Netherlands, I visit many conventions in my home country and the ones neighbouring it. But as the Gilded Archive grows, so does my desire to visit conventions in the UK, Spain and America.