COVID-19 restrictions



Currently, there is not a single business in the world that does not see changes due to the pandemic. The Gilded Archive is not an exception.

While I keep working in self isolation, there are a few things that have changed in my shop that might affect you:

  1. Less drop offs at the shipping service
    To limit contact with the fine people who keep working the shipping service I use, I only visit them twice a week. This might add a few days to your delivery.

  2. Possible longer shipping times
    While some packages get delivered within the estimated two weeks, others suddenly take a lot longer. This might have something to do with my shipping service needing a day extra, an extra check point at the border or your country's own shipping service might have a rough week. Please stay patient and contact me if your get worried!

  3. Suddenly higher shipping costs
    When my shipping service stops delivering to a country, it's because less planes are flying or the borders of your country decide to stop taking in orders. If I can still ship, I can use my back up service, but unfortunately it's a lot more expensive. If you see something you'd like and would like to be held 'on hold' you are free to e-mail me to discuss this (